SSR GroundMount Certified to 200MPH



SSR GroundMount Certified to 200MPH

Solar SpeedRack Inc. (SSR) announced today that its GroundMount system has been rated to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour making it ideal for hurricane and high wind zones.

“Several months ago we were asked to develop a Ground Mount capable of withstanding high wind speeds” said Shane Shamloo, President and CEO.

The product utilized SSR’s innovative Solar GroundMount installation techniques with all installation taking place from under the arrays making it not only one of the fastest, but also one of the easiest and safest Ground Mount systems to assemble and install.

“This project utilized our standard GroundMount components further demonstrating the strength of our base and insertion rails” said Michael Salvati, Vice President Design and Development, “and again shows the flexibility and robustness of our designs.”

This version of the SSR GroundMount is designed for residential and small commercial projects.  The SSR residential ground mount uses 2 ½ inch Schedule 40 galvanized pipe as compared to the 1 ½ inch pipe used in most other systems. This system also differs from most of the other systems on the market as SSR ships a complete system including the ground anchors and standard length pre-fabricated pipe required in addition to the racking required to complete the project.  SSR residential ground mounts differ in that a minimal amount of cross bracing in required for installation and its longer spans reduce the number of ground anchors and pipe required.  SSR also provides customers a choice of ground anchors or helical screws to accommodate differing soil conditions.

“Our residential ground mount is another example of our approach to make things easier and faster for the installer”, said Mr. Shamloo, “and providing the complete foundation and racking package reduces the need for the installer to coordinate multiple sources for the components needs to complete the project.”